June 16, 2024

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Zelenskiy says he had a ‘very active diplomatic day’ with world leaders – as it happened | World news





Occupation of Chernobyl power station risks radiation leak across Europe, official says



The Guardian’s Shaun Walker, based in Lviv, brings us this report of residents escaping the town of Irpin, near Kyiv.

Some of the last people to leave describe constant noise, near misses and unbearable conditions.

They are those who were too old, too frail or too sick to leave earlier. Instead they have endured a month of hell as Russian forces pushed into the surrounding area during the first days of the war. The town has seen heavy fighting and has come under intense Russian bombardment.

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Biden denies calling for regime change in Russia


Ukraine prepared to discuss neutrality status as part of peace deal, Zelenskiy says



Zelenskiy ‘looking for peace without delay’



The Guardian’s world affairs editor, Julian Borger, brings us this report on the drone operators who halted Russian convoy headed for Kyiv.

One week into its invasion of Ukraine, Russia massed a 40-mile mechanised column in order to mount an overwhelming attack on Kyiv from the north.

But the convoy of armoured vehicles and supply trucks ground to a halt within days, and the offensive failed, in significant part because of a series of night ambushes carried out by a team of 30 Ukrainian special forces and drone operators on quad bikes, according to a Ukrainian commander.

The drone operators were drawn from an air reconnaissance unit, Aerorozvidka, which began eight years ago as a group of volunteer IT specialists and hobbyists designing their own machines and has evolved into an essential element in Ukraine’s successful David-and-Goliath resistance.

However, while Ukraine’s western backers have supplied thousands of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles and other military equipment, Aerorozvidka has been forced to resort to crowdfunding and a network of personal contacts in order to keep going, by getting hold of components such as advanced modems and thermal imaging cameras, in the face of export controls that prohibit them being sent to Ukraine.

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