July 24, 2024

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What Is a TAC Claim and How Can a Lawyer Help?

In Australia, the term “transport accident” applies to an accident involving a motor vehicle or motor car, railway train or tram. Transport accidents can also include pedal cyclists that collide with an open or opening car door, a motor vehicle, railway train or a tram that is out of control. When individuals are injured in a transport accident, they can lodge a claim with the TAC for medical benefits.

The TAC was established by the Victorian Government in 1986. The organization was designed to ensure that people who were injured in transport accidents received appropriate medical treatment and necessary benefits. The TAC also plays a pivotal role in promoting road safety and improving Victoria’s trauma system.

The TAC is a personal injury insurance company that is funded by Victorian citizens when they pay their annual registration at VicRoads. The funds collected are used to ensure that every Victorian resident is treated in a fair and equal manner. The “no fault” system is designed to provide medical attention for all citizens, regardless of their ability to pay or fault.

The TAC covers several different types of accidents caused by motor vehicles, motorcycles, buses, trains or trams. TAC benefits cover the driver, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists or cyclists. Any reasonable injuries that one might sustain in a transport accident will be covered by the TAC. The TAC covers costs involving the ambulance, hospital, medical, chemist, and therapy, dental and nursing services. In addition to the above covered services, the TCA will also cover some other non-medical services and costs. For example, special equipment needed for recovery or travel reimbursements to medical facilities.

What types of benefits the TAC can pay are covered under legislation called the Transport Accident Act 1986. The benefits and treatment which are covered under the TAC depend on what is covered under the legislation, the injured person’s circumstances and what treatment is reasonable considering the need and the cost of treatment. In additional to treatment costs, the TAC has benefits that cover family counseling, child care and vehicle modification.

Although the TAC is a government organization that aims to meet the needs of Victorian residents – it’s still extremely important to hire a personal injury lawyer to assist you in the claims process. It can be extremely confusing and daunting to struggle with your claim while you are trying to nurse your injuries and adjust your life after an accident. Having an experienced lawyer by your side, will expedite matters and work towards finding additional liability where applicable. As a matter of fact, if your accident was caused by the negligence of another, your attorney may be able to pursue Common Law damages (pain, suffering and economic loss) on top of your TAC benefits.