June 16, 2024

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Seventh Japanese encephalitis case in NSW; nation records 17 Covid deaths – as it happened | Australia news


There are two possibilities. 1 is a well-known uprising. The 2nd is a palace coup.

My good friend who’s just out of Carnegie foundation, who just long gone back to America … dismisses both equally all those solutions. He is a passionate Russian citizen, his mom was born in Kyiv, he lived in Kyiv, but he’s arguing from the possibility.

Why? We all know what Putin does with dissidents, what he’s about to do with [Alexei] Navalny, give him an additional 13 yrs. We know the brutality of the Russian law enforcement. You have viewed it on your Tv set.

And when you go in any situation outside of the elites, the intellectuals and the people today who are officers in Moscow and St Petersburg. Rural Russia … guess what? The only media they get is the Russian propaganda and you see them getting noted on Tv.

These sort of men and women, out in rural Siberia. We believe what our Government suggests. We were provoked, this is all America’s fault. The People in america are about to use organic weapons.

… And you also require to don’t forget in addition to the army and the intelligence local community the security organs of the condition, Putin designed a group referred to as Roskvadia, the Russian Guards, they are instantly responsible to their commander in main, who is guess whom? Vladimir Vladimirovich. How significantly are in this guard, how about 340,000. Consider about that, we have no concept.

A palace coup? In the Soviet Union, even less than Stalin, there was a political bureau, we contact it a cupboard. Stalin overlooked it, of program. But suitable to this argument, you try to remember how Krushov was deposed. He was on the vacation in Crimea. Since of the foolish detail he talked about the burying the west, the politic bureau voted him out. There is no political bureau.


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