June 23, 2024

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Rumours Putin is seriously ill rejected after claims he is ‘already using body doubles’


‘The West has to ensure Ukraine defeats Russia’

This is a remark piece by Tobias Ellwood MP

IF invading Ukraine was an effort to rekindle Russian superpower standing, it has been a comprehensive flop.

There was no very clear strategy, no successful command and control, no logistical assist and completely no appreciation of Ukraine’s fearless want to remain and combat.

With international sanctions setting up to chunk and countries such as Britain replenishing brave Ukrainian forces with anti-tank weapons, absolutely Putin understands he just cannot acquire? Sadly, this war is much from in excess of.

And if we do not assistance place this fire out in Ukraine it will distribute to other components of Europe.

To date we are only undertaking enough to ensure they really do not reduce — but not adequate to ensure they can acquire.

Putin may have misjudged Ukraine’s solve to maintain ground, but he was place on in believing Nato would have no appetite to get immediately included.

Make no slip-up, Putin is in it to get it. His invasion did not occur out of the blue.

And now he is siding at any time nearer to a powerful China that shares Russia’s disdain for Western benchmarks and values. This is without a doubt a harmful turning place in our record.

How we choose to stand up to expanding authoritarianism about the next number of months could have main implications as to how the upcoming decade plays out.

Let’s no extended be in denial. The earlier 30 a long time have been a wander in the park compared with what lies ahead. European security is as soon as a lot more in peril.

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