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(MENAFN- Jordan Periods)

AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued, approving the suggestion of the council shaped in accordance with the Royal Relatives Regulation, to restrict the communications, put of home, and movement of Prince Hamzah.

The council experienced offered the advice considering the fact that December 23 past calendar year, according to a Royal Court docket statement.

His Majesty King Abdullah despatched a letter to Jordanians. Pursuing is the entire English translation:

“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be on our Prophet Mohammad.

My a person Jordanian family,

Peace, God’s mercy, and blessings be upon you.

I extend to you, the sons and daughters of our united Jordanian household, my deepest emotions of pride and affection. You are the source of hope and resolve, and with you, we will carry on to make our noble country, which will stay a design of compassion, solidarity, harmony, and resilience, no subject how great the problems.

I create to you in the hopes of turning the page on a dark chapter in the heritage of our place and our household. As you know, when the aspects of the sedition scenario have been exposed final 12 months, I chose to offer with my brother Prince Hamzah inside the confines of our family members, hopeful that he would realise the error of his approaches, repent, and become an engaged member of our Hashemite relatives.

But immediately after additional than a year for the duration of which he exhausted all alternatives to restore himself on the appropriate path, in line with the legacy of our family, I have appear to the disappointing conclusion that he will not improve. This conviction grew deeper with everything my youthful brother, whom I have usually handled as a son, has said and completed. And now, I am certain that he is residing in a condition of self-deception, the place he sees himself as the sole guardian of our Hashemite legacy, and the concentrate on of a systematic marketing campaign by our establishments. His repeated letters have mirrored the condition of denial in which he is dwelling, and his refusal to consider any obligation for his actions.

My brother Hamzah continues to overlook all info and undisputable evidence, manipulating occasions to bolster his untrue narrative. However, my brother really believes what he promises. The delusion he life in is not new other members of our Hashemite household and I have prolonged realised that he reneges on his pledges and is persistent in his irresponsible steps that look for to sow unrest, unconcerned with the ramifications of his conduct on our state and our spouse and children. As is usual of him, not extended immediately after vowing to renounce his faulty means, he goes back on his guarantees and returns to the route he chose decades in the past, placing his pursuits right before the nation in its place of using inspiration from the historical past and values of his family members. He proceeds to reside within just the confines of his own reality alternatively than recognising the great stature, respect, appreciate, and care we have offered him. He ignores info, denies realities, and performs the function of the victim.

Above the past yrs, I have exercised the best degrees of tolerance, self-restraint, and patience with my brother. I have excused his behaviour, hoping that he would, one working day, mature and that I would then find in him a supporting brother in the services of our happy people today and in safeguarding our country and its interests. I have been continually client and have been disappointed time and all over again.


My family,

The sedition circumstance in April of final yr was not the beginning of Hamzah’s point out of denial. He chose to stray from the legacy of his relatives years in the past whilst he claimed he had accepted my constitutional determination to restore the position of the crown prince to its first constitutional rule, all his actions considering that have demonstrated normally. His damaging conduct was apparent to all members of our household, as he surrounded himself with folks who sought to endorse opposition to that decision and produced no effort and hard work to end them.

I was hopeful that Hamzah would find contentment in the stature and position with which God Almighty had blessed him, so that he could serve our beloved nation and people. However, he ongoing his offensive behaviour against me, the legacy of his family, and our state establishments that extend each and every aid to him and others.

I, nevertheless, selected to forget about his steps in the hope that he would triumph over this self-imposed state. In spite of everything, he is my brother. However, he continually chose to treat all those close to him with suspicion, and continued to stir up controversy. All the whilst, he justified his failure to serve our country or existing reasonable answers to the issues we confront by boasting he was currently being qualified and victimised.

I sought to help his vocation in the Armed Forces, in the hope that the dedication, patience, and sacrifices of our brothers in arms would invigorate his solve and assist him go previous his frustrating negativity. But I was let down. During the several years he used in our valiant Armed Forces, a university in honour and fortitude, I would receive grievances from the Arab Army’s management and his colleagues about his arrogant perform in direction of his superiors, and his tries to sow question in the professionalism and abilities of our Armed Forces.

I have attempted, as have associates of our loved ones, to totally free Hamzah from his self-induced illusions so that he could turn into an lively member of our loved ones in our assistance to Jordan and Jordanians. I have introduced him with numerous assignments and roles in service of the country, which have been only ever fulfilled with suspicion and scepticism. He has never ever available nearly anything of material beyond complaints and populist slogans, and he has not as soon as arrive to me with a option or a sensible proposal to deal with any of the issues struggling with our beloved country. The only proposal that Prince Hamzah at any time offered was to unify the intelligence arms of our Armed Forces less than his command, inspite of the irrationality of this suggestion and the actuality that it entirely contradicts with the way our Armed Forces operate.

I am thoroughly aware of the problems facing our nation and the continuous need to have to tackle shortcomings and gaps. I welcome and search for constructive criticism and dialogue from anyone. But, at the exact same time, I recognise that these challenges simply cannot be addressed or overcome by way of showmanship that aims to exploit our economic woes to distribute despair and defeatist discourse.

For many years, it pained me each time I noted Hamzah’s absence at nationwide and spouse and children occasions, and I prayed that he would stop isolating himself this way. Even so, he favoured building controversy close to his absence – hoping that it would bolster the graphic of victimhood he had designed, above upholding his nationwide and loved ones obligations. He even refused to participate in the funeral of our eldest uncle, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad bin Talal, may he rest in peace, to publicly just take a personal stance all through a family members moment that referred to as for solidarity and compassion.


My loved ones,

Just after the attempt to sow sedition was nipped in the bud very last year, and as portion of attempts to deal with Prince Hamzah inside of the confines of the spouse and children, our uncle, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, has given that achieved with him several occasions to provide him guidance and direction. Our brothers and cousins also exerted huge efforts to deliver him back to the fold. But currently, just after all the time he has experienced for self-reflection and self-reconciliation, he remains on the exact same misguided class.

I have noticed absolutely nothing from him but disregard for the points and denial of all of his faults and problems, which have impacted an whole nation. This was apparent in a personal letter he sent to me on the 15th of January, in which he distorted the specifics and ignored whichever details did not fit into his narrative. He even went as far as to set words in my mouth, attributing to me statements I in no way created.

He deliberately distorted the reality of what took area amongst him and the Chairman of the Army’s Joint Chiefs of Employees, declaring that the chairman’s pay a visit to to his property was a surprise, when in point, it arrived at the time and location he himself had established.

He introduced a fake narrative of his part in the sedition scenario, disregarding details that the public became informed of pertaining to his suspicious connection and communications with the traitor Bassem Awadallah, and Hassan bin Zeid, whom my brother realized had approached two foreign embassies to inquire about the likelihood of their nations supporting what he had explained as regime alter.

Hamzah claimed that he and his household have very long been focused and persecuted, when, in reality, they have normally been afforded just about every implies of comfort and ease and luxurious across all facets of their life and at his palace. This continued even immediately after the sedition gatherings at no position were any restraints imposed on his spouse and children or on their accessibility to his possess private accounts.

My brother violated every tradition of our household, as effectively as our Jordanian values. He demeaned his stature as a Hashemite Prince when he violated the most basic ideas of ethical carry out by secretly recording his assembly with the Chairman of the Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff members and, right away after, sending the recording to Bassem Awadallah. He was also speedy to ship a recorded online video to overseas media, in an act ill-befitting of our country and our family. Not for a moment did he look at the repercussions of this kind of an motion on our region and people today. He could have reached out to me or whomever he wanted from our family members to explore what had taken spot with no jeopardising his popularity or that of the loved ones, but he chose rather to vilify and defame Jordan as a indicates to gain popularity and manipulate emotions.

Under no circumstances, in our family’s background, or in the record of other royal households, has a relatives member sent recorded movie messages to foreign entities, attacking the incredibly national institutions from which he himself advantages and calling their integrity into issue.

These steps symbolize a blatant violation of his stature as a Hashemite Prince, and a contravention of the norms and traditions that each individual member of our relatives has honoured because Abdullah I, might his soul relaxation in peace, assumed his duties. Envision the chaos that would ensue if each individual member of my loved ones chose to publicly express his or her sights on political and condition affairs, and to criticise our establishments without having respecting our Structure and our traditions.

My brother Hamzah preaches morality, disingenuously invoking our Hashemite values while violating them with his actions and behaviour. He statements to dwell by the illustration of our ancestors in his text, but flouts their legacy with his deeds. Next the example of one’s forefathers is not performed by emulating their physical appearance, but by safeguarding their legacy, committing to their rules, and embodying their ethos. It has grow to be obvious that the Prince is dwelling in the fantasy established by individuals all over him that he on your own has inherited this terrific legacy, even with his young age and restricted experience. How I have wished that he experienced spent additional yrs with our father Al Hussein, may possibly his soul relaxation in peace, to master from him the values of management and the unwavering principles that he instilled in us—but this was not God’s will.

I have been forthcoming with Hamzah about all of this about the several years, and have counselled him in an work to aid him emerge from this self-imposed condition, but to no avail. On the contrary, he persisted in his delusion, hitting rock base very last 12 months. This has been evident in all of his letters, which I felt were geared up for media intake and reflected his insistence on taking part in the victim inspite of all attempts to get as a result of to him.

Right after all this, I realised that my young brother will remain captive to his personal misguided mind-established, which has rendered him incapable of distinguishing simple fact from falsehood. I have also come to realise the issue of dealing with another person who sees himself simultaneously as equally hero and target.

“Indeed God does not change the state of a men and women unless they have altered the state of their souls.”

However, I exerted extra attempts to purpose with him, and sent him a created response to the personal letter he had sent me. I requested him to appear to me soon after reconciling with himself, acknowledging his issues, and committing to our values and legacy. I stressed to him that if he needed a legal resolution, as he had asked for, the authorized selection remained available to him, supplied that he would settle for the penalties.

At his request, I fulfilled him, in the presence of our brothers Their Royal Highnesses Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein and Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, hoping that he would return to the light-weight. And I presented to him, at the conference, a way forward to rebuild trust, which include practical methods that, if he so selected, would permit him to restore his purpose as an lively member of the Hashemite household. I gave him full liberty of alternative, and I was optimistic when Hamzah resolved to confess to what he experienced completed and he sent me a letter apologising to the country, the individuals, and to me for his steps.

Regrettably, it was only a issue of a couple of weeks before Hamzah verified his serious intentions, and returned to his acquainted showmanship and victimhood. He refrained from leaving his palace for a entire month, and refused to make use of the privileges supplied to him. As an alternative, he produced a assertion on social media relinquishing his title, understanding comprehensive properly that the granting and stripping of titles is an exceptional prerogative of the King, in accordance with Write-up 37 of the Structure and the Royal Relatives Regulation. And, at the exact same time that Prince Hamzah announced to the general public that he had renounced his title, he sent me a non-public letter inquiring to manage the economical and logistical privileges that occur with his title in the course of the coming period of time.

Hamzah reneged on the pledges he produced in his letter, and violated the commitments he built at our conference, although his motivation entailed only brief-expression actions toward rebuilding rely on. And he, as usually, resorted to the media in purchase to generate a commotion and achieve sympathy and attention.

In the exact same vein, Hamzah tried to instigate a confrontation with the honourable members of our Royal Guard on the early morning of Eid Al Fitr in a stark signal of his willpower to continue manufacturing crises, as he experienced finished with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Team last calendar year. Hamzah realized that the preparations for Eid prayer experienced been set, in line with the proven protection measures pertaining to his movements. Nevertheless, he provoked the Royal Guard with his aggravating behaviour, resorting to the use of religious speech in order to acquire sympathy, and he filmed the incident he incited. Thankfully, Royal Guard staff carried out their obligations skillfully and respectfully, avoiding Hamzah from generating a scene that is neither befitting of his stature nor that of our Armed Forces.

“You can not guidebook whom you like, but [it is] God [Who] guides whomever He will.”


Our united Jordanian loved ones,

After exhausting all alternatives to deal with Hamzah in just the spouse and children via brotherly suggestions and dialogue, I see no different but to act on my obligation and responsibility in the direction of my much larger Jordanian relatives and its pursuits, which far outweigh my obligation to my little household. I will not make it possible for any one, no make a difference who, to place their passions above the nation’s desire, and I will not enable even my brother to disturb the peace of our very pleased nation.

We do not have the luxurious of time to deal with Hamzah’s erratic behavior and aspirations. We have several difficulties and complications just before us, and we should all get the job done to prevail over them and satisfy the aspirations of our people today and their correct to a dignified, steady everyday living.

Thus, I have decided to approve a advice of the council shaped in accordance with the Royal Family members Law, to restrict the communications, area of residence, and actions of Prince Hamzah. This recommendation was put ahead on the 23rd of December final calendar year, but I experienced held off approving it in order to give my brother Hamzah the possibility to mirror on his actions and return to the ideal path.

Taking into consideration the Prince’s detrimental actions, I will not be surprised if he releases offensive messages that attack the nation and its institutions. But I, and our persons, will not waste time responding to him. I am certain he will continue to distribute this untrue narrative, but we do not have the luxurious of time to deal with it. We have several national priorities and difficulties right before us that we ought to tackle quickly and boldly.

We will provide Hamzah with all that he needs to stay a at ease lifestyle, but he will not have the space he when abused to offend the country, its institutions, and his family members, nor to undermine Jordan’s balance. Jordan is better than all of us, and its people’s passions arrive above individuals of any particular person. I will never allow our place to be held hostage to the whims of someone who has done nothing to provide his state. As this kind of, Hamzah will continue being at his palace, in line with the choice of the Ruling Family Council, and in purchase to stop a repeat of any of his irresponsible steps, which would be dealt with accordingly.

As for Prince Hamzah’s loved ones, they do not bear the load of his steps. They are my household and will be offered all the treatment, appreciate, and nurturing they have to have in the long term, as they have received in the previous.


My relatives,

With God’s grace, our place will remain resilient, protected, and stable. Its power lies in your unity, our proud people, and your solidarity. This is Jordan, the homeland of wisdom and tolerance, the nation of perseverance and fortitude, which stands strong in the deal with of sedition and issues.

By means of you and with you, our journey will proceed, as we place our belief in God Almighty. I will normally attract my dedication and hope from you, as we do the job with each other to establish on the achievements of our forefathers and chart the way toward a vivid, promising, secure future.

May well God Almighty guard you all, safeguard our noble country, and grant us advantage and integrity.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be on you.”




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