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Lamborghini Aventador successor breaks down while testing

Lamborghini Aventador successor breaks down while testing

Testing of the all-new replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador is not going to plan in Italy.

Lamborghini engineers have discovered at least one problem with the upcoming replacement for the company’s V12 Aventador road rocket.

A test car failed during a road run in Italy with a technical problem and was left stranded in everyday traffic.

As ordinary motorists filed past the broken-down exotic supercar – stopped on the road and not even moved off to the verge – everything pointed to a major failure of the sort that has plagued owners of Italian cars for decades.

The lifeless Lamborghini was eventually recovered, but not before posing for the latest – and clearest – pictures yet of the upcoming hybrid supercar.

The shots of the camouflaged test car reveal new detail on the car’s front end, where split headlights sit above the turn indicators.

The rear end detail is even clearer, as what is intended to look like Aventador-style tail-lights are actually stickers. The real location for the tail-lights is just above the decoy decals.

That said, the small strip of LEDs could also be part of the diversion tactics, and to make the car just legal enough for road testing.

The tail-lights are positioned either side of the car’s four massive central exhaust pipes.

The test vehicle’s 48-volt hybrid battery package is reflected in electrical warning stickers on the side of the test car.

There are rumours the Aventador’s successor could be named Revuelto – continuing the company’s history of taking names from Spanish fighting bulls – as Lamborghini filed for a patent earlier this year.

The breakdown run came after the latest news on the successor to Lamborghini’s Huracan – previously covered by Drive here – including reports of a twin-turbo V8 engine in place of the current V10.

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