July 23, 2024

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Is the Operation Repo TV Show Real Or Fake?

If you’ve watched the show “Operation Repo” on the truTV cable channel, you’ve probably wondered if it’s real or fake.  After all, a repo man could get sued (or even arrested) for laying a hand on a debtor or pepper spraying them without just cause. 

While there’s little definitive information on the Internet about whether or not Operation Repo is real, here are three facts that may indicate the show is fake:

Fact #1 – Repo Men Cannot Breach the Peace

Putting people in headlocks, shoving people and otherwise engaging in confrontational behavior is against the law.  Most repo agents never resort to such extreme measures to repossess vehicles.  If they do, they can be held civilly and criminally liable for their actions.

Keep in mind TV – and especially “reality TV” – is supposed to entertain people.  It’s exaggerated.

Most repossessions go-down with little trouble. People already know they’re behind on payments, so they’re not surprised when the repo man comes for their car. Professional repo men remain calm in in-control at all times.  They’re aware of the laws and they shouldn’t break them.

Fact #2 – There’s an Operation Repo Movie Under Production

According to IMDb, there’s a move being released by the same name. It features actors and actresses reenacting real events. If the move isn’t real, the TV show probably isn’t real, either. Matt, the star of the show, even has his own web site with information about his acting career.

Fact #3 – Operation Repo Has a Disclaimer at the Beginning

There is now a disclaimer at the beginning of the show that says it is “based on real events.” How accurately the show depicts real events is subjective.  Reality sells, whether or not the reenactment is accurate or a complete exaggeration of the truth.

That said, Operation Repo is still an entertaining TV show. Take it with a grain of salt!