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Interior designers share 6 trends that are in, and 6 that are out this spring


Gray couch with pillows and shelf with picture frames and decorations above and red arrow and X pointing to couch and white trim on blue wall and red X pointing to trim

Interior designers say people are favoring sculptural couches and matching trim and wall colors this spring.La Bicicleta Vermella/Getty Images; Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

  • Interior designers shared trends that are on the rise this season and some that are fading out.

  • Homeowners are predicted to use curvy, sculptural sofas and gallery walls to make a bold statement.

  • Nautical shiplap walls, large floor mosaics, and open-concept kitchens aren’t trendy this season.

Rattan is a trending material with a natural vibe.

Rattan baskets and planters with white wall and wooden floor

Rattan gives a space a boho beach feel.habibHidayat/Shutterstock

Interior designer Jonathan Miller of design firm Jsquared told Insider that rattan is back in this season.

“This classic 70s material is being revived with straighter lines and darker or mid-tone stains,” said Miller.

Rattan can give an organic feel to minimal spaces and mixes well with a mid-century modern design.

Built-in storage is taking over.

Built-in storage with bowls and spices in kitchen cabinets

This design trend is customized to your storage needs.OmiStudio/Shutterstock

Interior designer Leslie Murphy, owner of Murphy Maude Interiors, told Insider that built-in storage is a major design trend this season.

“Specialty cabinetry is no longer just for the kitchen and bathroom,” said Murphy. “We’re seeing built-ins made from everything from acrylic to concrete.”

This allows you to customize your storage to suit your style and needs, so you can install systems such as low wall cabinets that can double as seating or swap freestanding bookshelves for built-in shelving.

British revival is the latest “it” look.

Beige room with abstract flowery light green and brown wallpaper with TV and wooden self mounted on wall and bed with gray sheets and dark blue throw

Updated floral patterns can mimic a British-revival look.design.at.krooogle/Shutterstock

Miller told Insider that using a mix of classic and modern British-style elements is definitely in vogue this season.

“British revival is in,” said Miller. She said she’s seeing a lot of furniture with floral-patterned chintz fabric, a type of cloth with a glazed finish.

To nail this look, think bold floral wallpaper, chintz curtains, and upcycled vintage furniture.

Match your wall and trim color for a dramatic look.

Blue wall and white trim with red X and arrow pointing to trim

A mismatched trim and wall color is falling out of favor.Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

Tone-on-tone wall palettes, where the interior paint is the same color as the trim, are making a splash this season.

“This look provides dramatic impact and a moodier aesthetic to a room by making the textiles and accessories pop,” said Murphy.

If you’re looking to maximize the drama, Murphy recommended choosing a darker color like navy blue, deep purple, or even black.

The gallery-wall trend is still going strong.

Gallery wall with art of butterfly, orange abstract painting, and different frames with blue couch and orange cushions in front

A piece of original art on a gallery wall makes a bold statement.Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

A gallery wall can wake up a bare area with a collection of art and treasured items.

“Gallery walls look best when done using coordinating frames,” said Miller. “I’d also recommend using a piece of original art as the focal point.”

Miller recommended incorporating shelving for pottery or sculptures to give depth and dimension to a gallery wall.

Sculptural sofas are a cozy spring trend.

Curved white sofa in front of palm plant and light purple wall

Sculptural sofas can add an eye-catching element to a room.Anymayy/Shutterstock

According to Miller curved, sculptural sofas are popping up in living rooms and design magazines everywhere.

The soft edges and deep seats of a curved sofa make it an inviting place to sit,” said Miller. “It exudes subtle sensuality and creates warmth on cold evenings.”

If you’re thinking about adding an eye-catching curved sofa to your living space, make sure the rest of your decor creates a sense of balance.

Large floor mosaics are out.

Beige, green, and dark blue mosaic on floor with red "X"

Large mosaics in kitchens and bathrooms can look busy.Khalid Talbi/Shutterstock

Large floor mosaics in place of tile in kitchens and bathrooms is a fading trend.

“Though we still love the look of a good mosaic used sparingly, large floors covered in busy mosaic tiles are out,” said Murphy.

Not only can elaborate sometimes mosaics look overdone, but also the grout lines are often tough to clean.

Shiplap is a tired design trend.

White bench with two white and gray pillows in front of white horizontal shiplap wall and red X and arrow pointing to wall

Shiplap is outdated in 2022.Tr1sha/Shutterstock

Shiplap has been a trendy design material for years, with nautical-inspired paneling used on everything from backsplashes to fireplaces.

“Texture on walls and ceilings is still great, but it’s time for a departure from the standard horizontal shiplap look this spring,” said Murphy.

Instead, you can decorate wooden walls with reeded panels or a board and batten design or even install shiplap vertically for a modernized look.

Cool tones are out, warmth is in.

Light blue-gray couch, wall, and floor with metal table with wooden tabletop and plants on top and red arrows pointing to the couch and wall

People are favoring warm colors instead of cool tones.PavelShynkarou/Shutterstock

Cool-gray and white hues are making way for cozier colors this spring.

“Gray and white with those cool purple and blue undertones are just over and done,” said Murphy. “We are ready for warmer looks.”

Murphy suggested swapping stark-white and gray colors for softer “greige” and wood tones.

The modern farmhouse look is dated.

Brown wooden sliding barn door in dimly lit room with table and chair in bottom right corner and red X and arrow pointing to barn door

There are other ways to incorporate rustic decor without a sliding barn door.joshuaraineyphotography/Getty Images

You can say goodbye to sliding barn doors and furniture made from old pallets because the modern farmhouse has officially come and gone.

“It’s easy to fall out of love with a style when you see it everywhere daily,” said Miller. “Consumers have become bored of the modern farmhouse look because of a lack of originality.”

To keep rustic decor feeling authentic and modern, try using a few locally-sourced vintage or thrifted pieces.

Open-concept kitchens are falling out of favor.

Open-concept kitchen with wooden tables and chairs, hanging lights, and wooden floors with red arrows pointing at kitchen and dining areas

Boundaries between a kitchen and dining area are replacing the open-concept scheme.Artazum/Shutterstock

Open-concept kitchens, which combine cooking areas with dining or living spaces, aren’t always ideal.

“The pandemic made us value having private, separate spaces in our homes,” said Miller “This means big kitchens with open layouts can be impractical.”

To break up a combined kitchen and living space, consider using moveable screen partitions or even adding a half-wall to create distinct boundaries.

Dining rooms are being repurposed.

Dining room with white table and chair with green cushion and open laptop and other electronics sitting on table

People are trading formal dining areas for flexible work spaces.Tetra Images/Getty Images

With the rise of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people transformed their formal dining rooms into flexible living and working spaces.

“Dining rooms now see daily multifunctional use, and people are customizing them into flexible and adaptive spaces,” said Miller.

If you’re not ready to nix your dining room entirely, opt for a collapsible table that can be tucked away when not in use.

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