June 19, 2024

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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Tires

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Bike tires are the tools that make us cover those miles when the thirst for freedom hits. The rubber literally meets the road. As a motorcycle product merchant, I have seen all types of tires. There are three main tire builds; the bias-ply, radials, and the bias-ply with radial. The bias-ply tires the plies are laid down diagonally while in radial they are laid down perpendicularly. Radials absorb bumps better than bias-ply.

With the bias-ply with radials tire you get the best of both worlds. But, let’s not get into all that fluff for now and look at how to pick the best tires.

Handling different terrains

As a rider, I know adventure is always around the corner. Sometimes you are conquering a mountain, concrete jungle, or asphalt. There are different terrains through and through. Your tires should be able to take you to your destination safely regardless of the rocks, sand, or small boulders.

Being a motorcycle importer has taught me that my customer’s needs vary. Clients might not know the exact type of tire to get and they rely on you for advice.

There are those who use their bikes on tarmac and value speed. Sports tires will work perfectly as they have a good balance of performance and mileage. Others value touring and cruising tires will give them stability and mileage. For the adventure junkies like me, ADV tires are good for every terrain.  The off-road fellas go with the off-road tires as they are aggressive enough to handle gravel, rocks, and mud.

Need for speed

Reminded you of the movie? You are not far off. But tires determine what your bike can do. All the tires I have mentioned above have different speed levels. Knowing your riding style is critical. It’s life-threatening to get a slow-rated tire as a speed junkie as it can’t cope with the stresses involved with high-speed.


When all is said and done, safety remains the most important asset. Look at the safety measures before getting any set of rubber. The two-wheels can be death traps if you overlook the above prerequisites. And I can’t stress enough on: always wear a helmet.

Quality Ride

You can only get maximum satisfaction from your bike if you have the best ride quality tiles. Other than engine refinement and suspension setup, a comfortable and smooth ride are derived from the tires. It boosts your confidence level while on the road.