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Friday, July 22, 2022 | Kaiser Health News


Extended Appears to be like: Interesting Reads You May Have Skipped

Each 7 days, KHN finds lengthier tales for you to love. This week’s picks incorporate stories on covid, monkeypox, Gen Z wellbeing treatment, growing old, seizures, and additional.

Los Angeles Instances:
USC Scientists Detect Symptoms Affiliated With Greater Danger For Extensive COVID

A new research from researchers at USC provides some insights into the prevalence of long COVID and suggests some early clues for who may possibly be extra probably to build extensive-term signs. … Sufferers who claimed sore throats, headaches and, intriguingly, hair reduction immediately after screening beneficial ended up a lot more most likely to have lingering signs months afterwards. (Purtill, 7/20)

The Washington Write-up:
Persons Who Have not Gotten Covid Still Are In An Unique Club

There are no winners in a pandemic. That mentioned, if you’ve produced it to the summer months of 2022 without having but screening optimistic for the coronavirus, you may well truly feel entitled to some bragging legal rights. … You may well suspect that you are distinctive — immunologically remarkable, a tremendous-dodger. You also may have appear up with some weird theories about why you’ve lasted for a longer period. (McCarthy, 7/21)

The Atlantic:
We’re Screening For Monkeypox The Improper Way

As the outbreak spreads—with much more than 2,000 situations in the U.S., by the most up-to-date count—public-health and fitness authorities have doubled down on this restriction: Screening for the virus have to make use of swabs taken from a lesion, according to a “Safety Communication” issued by the Food stuff and Drug Administration past Friday. “The Fda is not conscious of medical knowledge supporting the use of other sample types, these types of as blood or saliva, for monkeypox virus tests,” the conversation mentioned, and tests of these other varieties “may lead to wrong examination final results.” This alarming messaging, sent at a important minute in the virus’s spread, will have a profound outcome on how speedily new monkeypox bacterial infections can be recognized, isolated, and handled. (Mazer, 7/21)

“The End Of The Skilled As We Know It:” What Gen Z Desires Their Well being Treatment To Search Like

Even while they are social media natives, the bulk of Gen Zers want to see their doctor experience to confront. Sixty-two per cent of survey respondents say they want to talk with their key treatment company in-particular person. Fifty percent say practical locale is the variety-just one criteria for choosing a major treatment provider, compared to 29% who prioritize telehealth capabilities. Only a person-3rd of those surveyed say they use an application for their well being care wants. (Mikhail, 7/18)

The New York Times:
Can A ‘Magic’ Protein Gradual The Aging Process? 

Quite a few a long time back, scientists researching ageing at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute applied a rather Frankensteinian strategy recognized as parabiosis — surgically becoming a member of a younger mouse and an aged mouse so that they share blood — to see what would transpire to the coronary heart and skeletal muscle tissue. … The Harvard scientists, Amy Wagers and Dr. Richard Lee, found that the outdated mouse’s coronary heart tissue experienced been repaired and rejuvenated, starting to be younger all over again. (Zimmerman, 7/19)

The Conversation:
Silent, Subtle And Unseen: How Seizures Come about And Why They are Tough To Diagnose

In excess of the past century, the public’s understanding of seizures has been gleaned mostly from depictions in motion pictures and television, which are often as disturbing as they are inaccurate. Whilst these extraordinary representations intensify visual storytelling, they routinely perpetuate stigma and understate the complexity of seizures. The reality is, seizures are significantly extra various than what you see in well-liked culture. As a substitute, they are often delicate, silent and unseen. (Pellinen, 7/21)

On the heat wave —

Houston Chronicle:
Houston Doctors Alert Texas Warmth Has an effect on Blood Force Medicine

As Houston sets warmth data and other areas of the earth see unusually high temperatures, folks having specific medications — together with these that lower blood pressure — face an elevated chance of exhaustion and dehydration. In far more serious cases, the combination can guide to fainting, kidney failure or lifestyle-threatening coronary heart troubles. (Gill, 7/21)

How Scorching Weather Affects Medications 

Sizzling climate is flat-out terrible for most remedies. The heat can degrade the components of a medicine. Now that so quite a few prescriptions are shipped, how will they fare when they sit in a mailbox or shipping and delivery truck whilst substantial temperatures bake patches of the planet this summer season? (Tompkins, 7/21)

Also —

San Francisco Chronicle:
Bay Spot Golfer Forges Forward After Dropping His Feet: ‘Life Can Shift Forward’

Erik Bowen naturally gravitated to golf. He performed many sporting activities escalating up close to San Diego and then Denver — soccer, soccer, baseball, basketball — but his dad, Jeff, was an avid golfer. So youthful Erik normally hung out in the pro store as a kid, right up until he was old adequate to sign up for his father on the system. … He never ever imagined he would have to have to find out how to enjoy golf all about yet again a year afterwards — right after shedding each of his feet. (Kroichick, 7/17)

The Washington Publish:
The Unexpected Star Of NASA’S Webb Visuals — The Alt Text Descriptions

The alt text feature on social media platforms lets a man or woman to explain by text an picture so that someone who is blind or visually impaired can use screen-reader know-how to know what is currently being demonstrated. In other phrases, it helps make an impression accessible to all people. And in the circumstance of the recent images shared by NASA, it authorized all people to know they ended up seeking at celestial scenes bursting with hues and styles. (Vargas, 7/20)


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