July 25, 2024

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Find the cheapest car rental companies:

Best Car Rental Booking Sites (to Find Cheap Deals In 2021)

Cheap car rentals don’t mean you’ll have to be pulling your partner around in a rickshaw on your next holiday. Finding the best cheapest car rental deals means looking a little bit further and deeper online for the hidden car rental companies in the cities closest to your destination. Reading up on reviews shared by customers of good car services will help you to make better-informed decisions on the car rental companies you can trust.

Finding the cheapest rental cars means digging to find the cheapest car rental company. The best way to do so is to search for comparison aggregator websites that compare car rental companies on prices of advertised deals and offers. That way you’ll be able to see all the various options available to you, but we think you can go one better to search for even cheaper car rental options: scour the local advertisements for car rental companies that the locals may use. Those are sure to be the lowest offers you’ll find for your usage.

The cheapest rental car you can find will not be from the big rental car companies at the airport. Those large rental car agencies usually offer their rental cars at a slight premium over their rivals due to their higher costs for parking, storage, and rent.

Another tip that will help you save a few more dollars in rental car costs is to skip rental car insurance. However, we warn you that this is a highly risky option and one that needs to be heavily weighed over before agreeing to it. You will need to read their terms of use and legal contract very carefully beforehand to make an informed decision.

We’d rather rent a car only on days in which we know there will be no other forms of cheaper transport to use. In this way, you could perhaps use a rental car for a day or two at the beginning of your holiday and then make use of public transport and ride-hailing services for the remainder of your stay.

Do you have a loyalty or rewards program linked to your credit card? Using your credit card to book your rental car will see you scooping up membership or loyalty points that can be used to score discounts or free upgrades on your car rental service. The more points you collect in your membership or loyalty program, the deeper the discount will be on your rental car: frequent travelers regularly enjoy free luxury car rental upgrades, free budget car rental, and “super cover” insurance protection for free. Those are bargains and deals to aim for.

Booking your rental car as part of your flight and hotel booking package will see a discount being offered for car rental. This hack often sees customers gain car rental for free as a result of booking return or multiple flights and hotels on a travel website.

Booking a rental car in advance will also see you earn the best deals. It will also see you most likely to receive an upgrade on your booking. More smiles for your driving miles.