May 30, 2024

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Choosing the Right LED Light Bars for Your Vehicle

LED light bars are an important fixture, installed on vehicles, as a medium to convey messages to other vehicles and people on the road. When on roads, lights play the key role, since there is too much noise, and barely anything is audible. To convey messages, lights of high intensity are deployed. Especially meant for transporting signals during a case of emergency or accident, these light bars are made to be strong and robust. When combined with a sound (alarm) system, the effectiveness of light bars on your vehicle rises.

If you are considering installing LED light bars on your vehicle, here are a few important things to mull over –

Type of beam

Bars are available in three beam types or patterns: spot, flood and combo. Spot beam light heads are ideal for use as a takedown light to illuminate suspects or want focus on specific area or see long distance. Normal light heads have a spread of 40º to 160º and this feature makes them effective for general warning use.

Flood light bars have anywhere from 90º to 180º wide beam pattern which makes them best for the occasions when you want more light and a broader focus for illuminating a large area at night.

Combo bars are a combination of both the patterns, making it unique for narrow and broader areas, both. In the same bar you get both the beams, and the switch at the dashboard helps changing over the beam.

Choosing the right beam pattern is all about your preferences, requirements and budget. The size of the bar also depends on your budget and the aesthetics of your car.

The location –

In which area of your car, a specific LED bar should be installed is another imperative question. The location matters, as installing it at a wrong place would not shower the light properly. Bumpers that come with car package are the ideal place for installing bars. They have holes and spaces for the additional installation. Light bars are normally mounted on the roof for maximum visibility. For undercover use, the light bars are mounted inside of the vehicle, close to the windshield and the rear window for concealment and performance.

Why choosing LED bars, not the bars with ordinary or traditional bulbs?

LED is an effective and low energy consumption technology. There are many factors that helped the innovator fetch the most prestigious award. LED is more durable and more reliable, and it does not drain the battery as the bulbs of previous generations would do. A small LED bulb can throw more light than a traditional bulb, hence a cost-effective means.