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Building an “M2 Lite” – M240i Mods to date


M240i Modifications to date

  1. MSS Height Adjustable Springs
  2. Staggered 20×10/19×9 inch Forged Rims with PS4s
  3. Functional M1, M2 steering buttons
  4. BMW M Sport Dash, HUD, Drift Analyzer, etc
  5. Dinan CAI
  6. Active Autowerks High Flow Cat
  7. JB4 with WCG
  8. Custom Exhaust with OPF Delete
  9. Carbon Lip Spoiler, Mirrors

I’ll address some common questions:-

The videos take a lot of time to produce and add a lot of overhead to just modifying the car. I typically don’t take the time but hopefully, someone finds a video useful. If not, that’s fine. I try to respond to questions but not keyboard warriors. I don’t claim to be a professional mechanic, if I can perform a mod at home and film it, so can you. The G42 is a brilliant platform for modding. Enjoy it!

I’ve owned several F series Beemers, M4, M435i, M235i, and also currently own a G series X6. The G series is a massive step up and a hugely impressive platform.

The MSS Springs are fantastic springs. A small gripe I had with the car was the body roll when in a quick left-right slalom type manoeuvre, the MSS have completely sharpened the roll, reduced height, COG, etc, etc, etc and the ride quality is essentially stock in feel, very negligible.

The biggest benefit of the height adjustable nature is to ensure the front to rear rake of the car is correct. The rear is +10mm from factory and should remain between +5 – +10mm when lowered. Many aftermarket springs seem to overlook this and just dump the car as far as possible all around. This can mess with the weight distribution and everything associated (pitch under braking for example).

MSS ride great, reduce roll, remove the wheel gap with the lowering and allow the height to be adjusted to maintain front to rear rake, while controlling the height as the springs settle over time. Recommended.

MSS Springs

The JB4 is documented to lift the car to about 450hp. I feels like more when behind the wheel, there is a decent on street performance kick from ~384hp to ~450hp. I run it on Map 5, target 21PSI increase but only with my high flow catted DP which removes back pressure from the stock turbo so it is a bit happier running at this pressure. I also had to run JB4 alpha software v21 otherwise the car would occasionally pull timing at around 3,800RPM under max load. v21 rectified this and the car runs well with the JB4. I continue to monitor logs and watch for new software to be released.

You will need to connect the waste gate controller and OBD controller to get the most from the JB4.

JB4 Installation

This is genuine M Performance carbon trim and it looks fantastic, it genuinely lifts the feel of the interior with a matte carbon finish and while a little expensive, it is worthwhile.
Easy installation, but some people have problems with the shifter install as the harness that connects the shifter can be fragile. Take your time.

M Performance Carbon Trim

The M Sport dash is directly from the M3/M4 and have full functionality. The drift analyzer seems to leverage the cars speed, roll, pitch and traction sensors. The HUD also works and functions like it does in the M3/M4.

BMW M Sport Dash, HUD, Drift Analyzer, etc

The M1, M2 buttons used the same part number as the M3/M4 but function differently, you can’t have a custom M1 or M2 program with the buttons, the software just doesn’t support it. You can however cycle through Sport>Sport Plus>Sport Indv>Comfort>Eco, and back via the buttons similarly to pressing the mode button several times on the gear plate.

M1, M2 Buttons

People have asked for a video of the active grills in action, so here it is.

Active Grills

The Dinan CAI sounds great, looks great, is reasonably priced and will add as much HP that any CAI adds and that you choose to believe. The Venturi CAI has an added benefit of drawing air from under the front wheel well, you can mod the Dinan to do the same thing with a hole-saw and a piece of tubing.

Active Autowerks High Flow Cat is guaranteed not to through a CEL and I have had no issues. It should remove back pressure from the turbo, for higher sustained PSI and faster spool. It adds a deeper tone to the exhaust and is 10-15% louder then stock with the cat fitted.

The M2/3/4 features staggered 20″ rear and 19″ front wheels, this setup is the same. These rims are wider then the stock G42 but not nearly as wide as the massive rubber no the M cars. The car already had massive amounts of grip, but going + size all around has made it an animal in terms of road holding and control. The car launches even harder under launch control as the wheel slip sensors seem to be calibrated and traction on the stock car is the limiting factor. PS4’s are brilliant in all conditions. The forged wheels are lighter to lift, I haven’t put them in a scale but I will do so next time I pull them. Unpsrung weight will be reduced at all 4 corners. Well worth the upgrade.

I’m working on videos for the exhaust, M1/M2, wheels, etc. They take time, apologies in advance.

** Disclaimer the M240i is no way, shape or form a true “M” car. It has no association, and shares no common architecture such as CLAR. The “ZF” gear box is the same in name only, the true M car ZF is assembled by himalayan virgins and blessed by unicorns. The ZF in the M240i is a trashcan with some busted gears thrown in. The S58 is no way based on the B58, the fact they are both 3.0l straight 6 is purely co-incidental. Real M cars, made for real M men and all other inferior BMW’s have absolutely nothing in common, not a single, bolt, washer, interior, chassis, drivetrain components, etc, etc. **

The G42 is a brilliant platform for modding and will keep us going until the much anticipated G87 ships.

Enjoy it!

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