May 25, 2024

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A New Maserati Retail Concept Debuts In Milan

A new Maserati brand experience takes shape in Milan.

Maserati has spent the past few years transforming its brand, from the introduction of a new flagship supercar, the MC20, built to carry the torch that the legendary MC12 lit, the new Grecale SUV, as well as a new version of the iconic GranTurismo luxury sports coupe. Now, Maserati is announcing that its retail concepts will follow a similar transformation to its lineup and the place where we are first able to witness that is in Milan, Italy.

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The new store concept is in Milan’s Magenta district, and it’s called “sartoria | officina.” The reason for the name is that “sartoria” refers to a tailor’s atelier, whereas “officina” refers to a workshop. New York-based experience design firm Eight Inc. created the concept in conjunction with Maserati to showcase the cars’ beauty, luxury, and potential for customization. The hospitality of the facility is characterized by a counter where visitors can configure Maseratis and enjoy wine, espresso, or cold-pressed juice. With futuristic technology and 3D digital experiences as part of the concept, Maserati highlights its Fuoriserie customization program within the retail experience. By the end of 2022, the new concept will branch out from Milan into Hong Kong, Shanghai, Melbourne, Madrid, and Berlin, and starting in 2023, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and Tokyo are next on the list.

Source: Maserati