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2023 X5M New Colors

2023 X5M New Colors


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What color interior were you thinking? That might affect the exterior color you go with…

Grigio Telesto is fantastic looking and really complements the blacked out exterior trim on the X5MC, IMO.

I don’t really like any of the interior options except black. I wish all of the other interiors were “inverted”. Sakir looks cool, but I wish it was just the center of the seats that were Sakir versus everything.

Colors I’m leaning the most towards to;
SMB – Top choice
Avus Blue – Strong contender, pure blue flake. It’s like a lighter SMB.
Grigio Telesto – Would look super cool with black wheels and black accents, like BHGM
Brands hatch gray metallic – if I xpel matte wrap it, would look like my M5 CS which looks awesome
Pyrite Brown – I’ve never liked “brown” cars but this color looks ridiculous. Could be cool on an X5M.

Colors I kinda like;
Tanzanite Blue II – This one is a little on the dark side, wish it was slightly brighter
MBB – I don’t like the purple flake
Aurora Diamond Green – I already have a green car (Oak Forest Green 992), but this one looks kinda nice.
Macao Blue – Saw it in photos, looks kinda weak as a color. This is what I want but I wish it had more blue flake in it.

I want to order a ’23 before the LCI and only have 8k miles left on this 21′ lease. The 23 I will buy since rates are shit. I want it to be something cool since it’s probably the last gasser only X5M. I don’t think I’m going to keep it forever, so no crazy individual interior, they quoted me 15k to get some damn stitching and seat centers swapped out.

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